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Terms & Conditions

These “General Terms and Conditions” are applicable to the relationship between tempSTAFF AG and its customers. For “Food-Partner” please refer to the “General Terms and Conditions for Food-Partner”.

1. Definitions

Offer: The goods and services offered by tempSTAFF AG that can be booked and bought by customers in the online store.

Event: A private or business event of a customer with an order from tempSTAFF AG. An order is considered to be an event when service staff is on site to attend to the guests. Otherwise one speaks of delivery and setup of the offer.

Order: an order of the customer at tempSTAFF AG in the online store.

Food Partner: A company that prepares meals and related products on behalf of tempSTAFF AG and provides tempSTAFF AG for the orders.

Food-Partner Information: The information about the Food-Partner, including the company and its contact details, general information, the product range (meals, supplements, options), company logo.

Customer: a natural or legal person who places an order with tempSTAFF AG via the online store.

Online store: The website, apps and programs of tempSTAFF AG through which customers can place their orders.

Service: The commercial services and/or activities that are offered to the customer by tempSTAFF AG, including the organization of an event, the delivery and setup of the offer, the support of the customer’s events and the organization of the return of the material.

Tip: An amount voluntarily paid by the customer, which is intended for the delivery person of the order or the service staff at the event.

Contract: An agreement between the customer and tempSTAFF AG through the online store, regarding an order.

2. Information

T 044 251 09 17
F 044 251 09 16
Email: info@tempstaff.ch

3. Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions are only applicable to the services of tempSTAFF AG. The tempSTAFF AG is not responsible for the meals. If necessary, the general terms and conditions of the food partner are additionally applicable to the offer.

4. Liability

  1. The liability for the food published on the online store is entirely with the food partners. tempSTAFF AG does not take any responsibility or liability for the ingredients of the food. The food partner may use ingredients and additives for food and drinks, which can cause allergies and intolerances. If you are allergic to food, we advise you to contact tempSTAFF AG by phone to get information about current allergens before you place an order. The tempSTAFF AG guarantees the adherence to all cold and warm chains.
  2. tempSTAFF AG presents all information in a way that makes clear to the customer what his rights and obligations are after he has accepted the offer.
  3. The prices and conditions listed in the online store at the time of the customer’s order are binding for tempSTAFF AG.
  4. However, tempSTAFF AG has the right to withdraw from the contract if there are any typing, printing or calculation errors.
  5. tempSTAFF AG reserves the right to change photos and product descriptions on the online store at any time. The product photos are not binding for tempSTAFF AG. The delivered product may differ from the photos in appearance. As long as the product is equivalent, this is no reason for the customer not to accept the product.
  6. The customer is obliged to accept the order, even if the delivery is very late, in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable events that may prevent the delivery or shipping: traffic jams, demonstrations, strikes, environmental disasters, catastrophes and the like.
  7. If the customer provides incorrect or incomplete information when ordering, tempSTAFF AG is no longer liable for incorrect or delayed delivery/shipment.
  8. If tempSTAFF AG cannot fulfill an order because a product is not available, the company will immediately inform the customer about the unavailability.
  9. The payment of the goods is accepted exclusively in Swiss Francs. Payments by check or other currencies are not possible.
  10. The customer shall check the goods for completeness and intactness upon delivery, otherwise the delivery shall be deemed accepted without complaint. Complaints about the delivery must be made directly to the tempSTAFF employee upon arrival of the goods at their destination. Delayed acceptance of the goods for which the customer is responsible will only entitle the customer to make complaints if it can be proved that these were not caused by the delayed acceptance. In all other cases, the right of complaint is excluded. Food is excluded from the right of exchange and cannot be returned.
  11. By acceptance of the goods by the customer, the risk of loss, damage, reduction and deterioration including liability towards third parties is transferred to the customer.
  12. As far as legally permissible, tempSTAFF AG obligation to pay damages, for whatever legal reason, is limited to the invoice value of the delivery and service directly involved in the event causing the damage. This does not apply, if the company has unlimited liability according to the mandatory legal regulations due to intent or gross negligence.

5. The contract

  1. The contract is valid from the moment when the customer places the order by accepting the GTC’s during the ordering process on the platform and successfully completes the payment. As soon as the order is confirmed by tempSTAFF AG via e-mail, it is binding for both parties. It can not be cancelled anymore. The customer has to pay the purchase price, even if he/she does not want to receive the goods anymore. The customer can increase the ordered quantities, but additional orders can be accepted or rejected.
  2. After receiving the order, tempSTAFF AG will confirm the order to the customer electronically.
  3. The contract can only be executed by tempSTAFF AG if the customer provides correct and complete contact and address information when ordering. The customer is obligated to immediately report any inaccuracies in the payment information that has been provided to tempSTAFF AG or transmitted or disclosed to tempSTAFF AG.
  4. The customer must be available for tempSTAFF AG by phone or e-mail (as stated in the order).
  5. The customer should be personally present at the delivery address given by the customer to receive the delivery of the order and to instruct the employees of tempSTAFF AG.
  6. When the order is delivered, tempSTAFF AG may ask for identification if the order contains alcoholic products or other products with an age limit. If the customer cannot adequately identify himself or does not meet the minimum age requirements, the restaurant can refuse to deliver the corresponding products to the customer. In this case, cancellation fees may be charged.
  7. Ater placing an order, the customer may decide, at their own discretion, to tip a tempSTAFF employee using the available online payment methods.
  8. The tip is intended for the tempSTAFF staff and cannot be considered as payment for kangu’s services. tempSTAFF acts only as trustee and remitter of the tip.
  9. Once the customer has received a confirmation about the placement of the tip, the tip cannot be refunded or returned.

6. Termination of the contract and cancellation of the order

  1. Given the perishable nature of the offer, an order can be canceled free of charge only to a limited extent. After a successful order, 10% of the total amount will be due on the 10th day before the start of the event, should the order be cancelled. Cancellation terms and conditions also apply.
  2. tempSTAFF AG has the right to cancel the order, e.g. if the offer is no longer available, if the customer has given an incorrect or non-functional phone number or other contact information, or in case of force majeure. tempSTAFF AG has the right to refuse all (future) orders from the customer, if there are appropriate reasons.
  3. If the customer places an incorrect order (e.g. by providing incorrect contact information, by not paying or not being present at the delivery or pickup location to receive the order) or otherwise fails to fulfill its obligations under the contract, tempSTAFF AG is entitled to refuse future orders from that customer.
  4. tempSTAFF AG has the right to refuse orders and cancel contracts if there is reasonable doubt about the accuracy or authenticity of the order or contact information. If the customer places orders that are demonstrably false or fraudulent, tempSTAFF AG is entitled to file a complaint with the police. If the customer places orders that appear to be wrong or fraudulent, tempSTAFF AG can report this to the police.

7. Payment

  1. Complaints of the customer about the offer, the order or the fulfillment of the contract must be submitted to tempSTAFF AG immediately.
  2. An additional service fee for tempSTAFF AG services in connection with order processing and customer care services is not included in the product price and will be added to the total price. This is the case, for example, if a customer wishes to visit the site before an event. The hourly rate of a tempSTAFF employee for such extraordinary tasks is CHF 150.00 per hour excl.
  3. In accordance with the provisions of article 6 of these general terms and conditions for customers, the (partial) refund of an online payment is only possible if the order cannot be (fully) delivered. Refunds will always be made to the account from which the payment was made. Depending on the payment method used by the customer, the processing of the refund takes a maximum of 10 working days.
  4. The Food-Partner has authorized tempSTAFF AG to accept the customer’s online payment on behalf of the Food-Partner.
  5. Purchase by invoice with instalment facility (POWERPAY): MF Group / POWERPAY offers the payment method “Purchase by invoice” as an external payment service provider. With the single invoice, you can simply settle your online purchase by invoice. If you choose not to pay within the specified time frame, you will receive a monthly invoice with an order summary in the following month. When the purchase contract is concluded, POWERPAY takes over the invoice claim that has arisen and handles the corresponding payment modalities. In the case of purchase by invoice, in addition to our General Terms and Conditions, you accept the General Terms and Conditions of the MF Group / Powerpay (powerpay.ch/en/agb). You will receive the invoice free of charge by email, provided you have a valid email address.

8. Settlement of complaints

  1. Customer complaints due to the offer, the order or the execution of the contract will be reported to tempSTAFF AG.
  2. If the customer has a complaint regarding the tempSTAFF AG. service, the complaint must be reported by using the contact form, by e-mail or by regular mail, to the contact address indicated in article 2 of these general terms and conditions for customers.
  3. Once tempSTAFF AG has received the complaint, tempSTAFF will reply as soon as possible with an acknowledgement of receipt. tempSTAFF AG will endeavor to deal with the complaint as soon as possible.
  4. Complaints must be reported to tempSTAFF AG within a reasonable time after the customer has noticed the deficiencies and must be described completely and clearly.

9. Newsletter

  1. When placing the order, the customer can subscribe to the newsletter. The customer can unsubscribe from this newsletter, using the link in the email or by contacting the customer service using the contact information provided under the title “tempSTAFF AG” in article 2 of these general terms and conditions.

10. Inspection and correction of the stored personal data

  1. tempSTAFF AG processes personal data relating to the customer. The processing of personal data is subject to the provisions of the privacy policy. The customer can have his/her data deleted at any time. To do so, all he/she has to do is to send tempSTAFF AG a corresponding notification.